Sunday, August 26, 2007

thank you.

today, we are overwhelmed by the love and support from our families and friends (who are our family, too) and our little town and the alittle bigger town across the river.
the outcome of INTANGIBLE THEORY matched up too perfectly with our goals for having the show in the first place.
there's no order of priority for why we did it. it just all is one long sentence, thought, reason.
he wanted to paint again.
i needed a project to keep my mind clear.
we hoped to create an occasion for people to have a reason to get out, and to feel enriched.
we wanted to find a group to give our money and time to. (jfk kids.... you win!)
all of the above was accomplished, but triple fold.
the most amazing feeling, which trumps all - - - was the circle that our family and friends formed around us to help us meet our little dream. it's just what family and friends do. but for some reason, we feel like our family and friends do it the best. we are just overcome with emotion.
can't wait to share what we have planned for the jfk kids. something for the whole town to enjoy. stay tuned!

with our love,
the eddmenson's

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

kids and spray paint

“We see creativity as the essence of the human experience -- it shapes the future. It is the building block that connects our human experience to life itself, a core discipline for developing human potential.”

This mission statement is from Inner-City Arts, a nationwide program that supports the development of creativity and art in our nation’s inner cities.

As a very young artist, Matt hung out at Henderson’s JFK Center, and with his friends, painted a wall mural that is still there today. His experience at the center has contributed to his style and medium.

The JFK Center is part of the City of Henderson Parks and Recreation Program and affects 50 children a day thru programs in fitness, computer skills, and arts. From 2.30 to 5 pm every day, the Center is deemed a “safe place” for our community’s inner-city youth. The Center’s annual activities budget is $8,000.

Matt’s vision is to form a relationship with the JFK Center and initiate an inner-city art program in Henderson by teaching classes in his medium- stencil and spray. He will contribute 10% of the proceeds of this show for art materials and donate his teaching time to that cause.

Matt appreciates your interest in his work and how it relates to the creative development of Henderson’s youth.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

art show space. before the work begins picture.

314 first street.
don't forget.

Monday, August 6, 2007

good morning, coffee

i am so relieved to finally only be addicted to coffee, instead of cigarettes and coffee.
i've noticed lately that, before i go to bed, i think about what the coffee will taste like in the morning.
we stopped by the house this afternoon before matt took me to the airport....and on the front porch was the shipment that i dream about. 10 cans of santo domingo. it's already gone before we even open the box.
divying out priorities are...
2 cans for mike, because we gave him cans for his birthday, and i stole one back. (sorry it's taken so long mikey...).
2 cans to alex for house/lale sitting.
2 cans for work because nancy will not buy us good coffee.
2 cans for the art show coffee.
and 1 for you to crack open in the morning, matty. (good morning, honey.)
that leaves us with only 1 left.

go to to order, unless you plan to be in the domincan republic anytime soon. if you are local - tag on to our next order!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

yesterdays. this morning. today. and tomorrow.

thinking about things that just are not right now.
fall in kentucky.
and summer in turkey.
all this must spawn from the too hot heat yesterday and today.
right now... i desparately want either the feeling of audabon park in october, or being IN the meditteranean every weekend in the summer.
i love seasonal feelings.
but then, i think how too fine we are, drinking our morning pot of coffee in our safe, lovely home.....with air conditioning. and then, maybe going to the pool later, if we want.
i was driving down main street yesterday, rushing matt back to the oral surgeon for the 3rd time to get his wisdom tooth thing re-sewn up. as we sat in our air conditioned car, we had to wait alittle longer than usual after the light turned green at a stoplight, because an overweight lady was barely making it across the street in the heat. she had dollar store bags in each hand, and was trying to make it to the bus stop (about 30 steps ahead). she was talking to herself, seeming alittle out of her mind. she was swaying, although still walking. i really thought she was going to pass out. matt was bleeding more than he should have been, so in no shape to get out to help her. i, on the other hand, was in mild shock. usually, i rush to help someone like that. but, i just watched her. felt like my mind was in slow motion. i guess i didn't instinctly react and get out of the car, because i think i knew she was going to make it to the curb and bus stop... (and she did). all i could think about in that slow motion mindset was how selfish my heat bitching had been all day. what was this lady going home to? maybe a cooled home, but maybe not.
yesterday, i hated the heat. and this morning, i want things and places that i can't have. now today, i want to re-re-realize how thankful i am. and next time, i'll get out of the car and help her across the street.