Sunday, November 18, 2007

my ring in a haystack

this is matt, 2 hours after metal detecting my brother's back yard and sifting through a 10 large black garbage bag size pile of leaves.... all to find my engagement ring.
i love you matty.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

bringing life back to the first street space.

we were so more than pleased with the response to matt's show in august.
at the end of the closing night of his show... we stood with friends and family in the space and were really sad to think of letting the space go. those emotions and then many conversations of "what if...." led to dinner with cousins to dream about 314 first street, then meetings with downtown henderson project.....which led to brainstorms of rejuvenating our sweet little vacant first street with art and music and food, which coincided with investors in our town wanting to help make something happen downtown, to........
on and on. the thoughts and talk is endless. sometimes this stuff happens and sometimes it doesn't. (it will though!) everything we have talked about are big projects with long term goals. matt and i (and our dhp friend) are impatient, though.... so we thought to put another show in the first street space. the owner of the building was AGAIN gracious to donate the space. wow.
we believe that this show is a night that NO ONE will want to miss.

the night will feature 4 artists, all specially different enough, but earily perfect together. (and none of the 4 being matt.)
there are too many reasons why you have to come support these 2 guys and 2 gals. one of the artists, along with selling his photography, will be debuting his book, "dirty henderson". absolutely lovely. actually - - - i'll stop there and tell more about each of the artists in a later post.

we hope for a december cozy night of fun and enrichment for all. i would also highly encourage you to bring your checkbook. the mediums of art vary, as will the prices.
also know that this is not means of a business for matt and me. not for profit. the full sale of the art goes directly to the artists.
for now... we just want to keep alittle something going in the space on first street that was so good to us.

mark your calendar. december 1st. 314 first street. 6-10pm. spirits and hot chocolate! and one of the artists is also a vegan dessert chef. can't wait to see what she puts together for the show.
please come join us....
carrie and matt