Friday, March 14, 2008

dear matty. make a wish..... and blow out your candles!

i love you (more than so much.)
i hope this is the only of your birthdays ever that i won't be with you.
enjoy your birthday bash in bangalore. make it a day you will never forget.
take pictures for me.
happy birthday honey!


Vic said...

Happy birthday Bro!!!!! This morning's run is dedicated to you.

the redhead said...

happy bday matt. miss you. hurry home.

purple11 said...

carrie, is matt still in india; or has he come home and returned???
happy day matt!!!

rhonda said...

love you matteo.....hurry home boy!!!

carrie said...

hi purple11.
he was home for 3 weeks... one of which i was gone.... and now he is back in india. but not for long! 9 more days!

dani said...

carrie, i read his blog today and was sooooooooooooo touched!!! i hope you truly know how blessed you are to have him!!!