Thursday, February 28, 2008

epsom salt

how on earth has it taken me 33 years to know about an epsom salt bath?
my sisters tease me relentlessly about being so savvy in regards to "products" - - - but i swear i never have known about this perfect miracle bath.
if you know me or read this blog, you know that i'm not too shy, so i'm not embarrassed to tell you that i had the 2nd most horrible hemorrhoid for the past week that about put me out of business.
matt's aunt suggested really hot baths. my brother suggested epsom salt with that.
he gave me a big jar of it that he and laura had stuck the last of their herbs in last fall.
i have done the bath atleast twice a day since last saturday. all i can say is: wow. it is amazing.
not just for my issue.... but i reallllly can tell a difference in my muscles and overall well being. i really mean this.

i might be the last to know about this one - - but just in case you haven't tried it, do so immediately. i don't do much of anything conservatively, and same goes for this new ritual. thank goodness a 4lb bag is only $2 or something crazy cheap like that.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

what a week

alittle bit of alot of things in the past week.....

my baby sister turned 30. we celebrated in a special way, that still could not match how special she is.

i spent the beginning of the week in colombia, south america. i had some unexpected extra time, because the collection i was showing customers got stuck in customs, therefore the trip was a waste, other than the pictures i got to take. i quickly became obsessed with the colors of the doors, the fruit and the cars. enjoy!

the new domino was on the newstand when i got back to the first airport in the states. i bought it, even though it would be at home in our mailbox. it's always fun to see our development and product in magazines - - but it's really fun to see it on the front cover of my favorite magazine. the jean on the cover is an earnest sewn... and it photographed very well. also - nice article on rogan on page.... i can't remember.

came home wednesday night, into a fury at work..... as our team was busy preparing for a big visit to present a brand identity and first season of product for this brand.
welcome to hendo, ky kenny chesney.
sorry, sas, that we had to keep it on the down-low. there are some crazy ass fans around here! somehow, the word got out - -and he was followed from the airport and back!

we are so exauuuuuuuusted after all of that.
so laying in bed on saturday morning drinking coffee!

oh - - -and.... i'm following the crowd and going private on this blog.
if you would like to continue to make this one of your blogging stops... send me a comment or email me @
will do it in a week.