Tuesday, April 1, 2008

happy birthday lale and jackson

born 5,431 miles apart and 7 years apart - my dog and my sister's dog were born on the same day.

today should be a happy birthday for lale, because it is almost a miracle that she is still alive.
she has lived through a 24 hour plane ride from turkey to the states in the cargo space with terrible turbulence. (my justification that she is crazy and anxiety ridden 4 years later..)
she has lived through jumping ALL THE WAY through 2 of our front windows in our house, both close- to- original windows, probably one hundred years old.
she has lived through eating 2 boxes of d-con rat poison. (this incident the doctors said that there would be no way she would make it through...)
and she has lived through her bark collar malfunctioning and burning through her neck and larynx.
what?????????? i know.

meanwhile, it isn't as happy of a birthday as she thinks. her cousin dog and best friend has approached his 14th birthday today.
he was almost as equally rambunctious in his youth as lale...
running at full speed into trees to head butt them, wearing TWO electric fence collars because he loved to run through the line and get shocked, and daily, emptying out our mom's beautiful planters to make himself a bed.
but today, his free spirit has somewhat diminished. he doesn't come to the vickers' front door to greet guests anymore. he is tired. but, hopefully, he is not hurting, and is at peace.

for those of you who have known me my whole life, you might say that you would never think i would be writing about dogs, much less have my own dog.
but the companionship that jackson gave my sister for the past 14 years warmed my heart finally, about 7 years ago. he was physically, mentally, emotionally, REALLY, my sister's best friend. i was lonely in turkey, and tried a dog for my friend. it changed my life forever.

happy birthday to our lale. happy life to our sweet jackson.
tuesday night update: susan and mike's and mm's sweet jackson died this afternoon.


rhonda said...

and jackson has lived through me pulling him to your house - shock collar ON - and him collapsing in front on the sidewalk....YEP - thought i had killed the poor fella.
happy birthday to the pups!

susan said...

whew wee. i had just gotten myself recomposed for the umpteenth time today and then read this. i have loved loved loved "raising" our dogs together. i love you.

the redhead said...

when you think of sweet susan you think of sweet jackson. they go hand in hand, like they've been BFF even before jackson was ever hers.

glad you found the same in lale.

happy bday puppies!!

carrie said...

bittersweet day.
jackson was put to sleep this afternoon.
please send susan and mike you loves.

dani said...

oh my gosh, my heart just sank into my stomach!!! i'm sitting here crying like a baby...
so, so, so sorry, susan :`(

rhonda said...

i just GASPED.
i can't believe it!
i love you all.

Shannon said...

I'm speechless as I also wipe tears from my eyes... having experienced what Susan, Mike and MM are going through only 6 months ago.
I am so sorry.

sas said...

So so sad. This post made me cry! My heart aches for them.

dani said...

lales are my favorite flowers... what a beautiful name for a beautiful dog!!!

Moonpie said...

Tell Susan I said a prayer for her and the loss of a best friend! I wondered what happened to your front window!!!Wow, what a dog!